Snow has been no stranger to Minnesota this year, and honestly, it feels snowier than ever. One parking lot in Minnesota is now going viral.

Most people who go to the mall in the winter know that parking is horrendous. Giant snow piles are everywhere, and some people just forget how to park. Or they just choose to park however they want and people just tend to follow suit.

One mall parking lot in Minnesota is going viral. Not only for the snow amount but also for what is currently on top of the pile. The Eden Prairie Center often gets giant piles of snow every year and has been dubbed "Mount Eden Prairie". This year, however, it now has a "cherry on top".

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Apparently, a Target cart has made its way on top of the giant snow pile and is making its rounds on social media. No one has any idea who put it there or where it came from, but it is now the talk of the town.

Here are some reactions to it on Twitter:

I've seen giant snow piles my entire life, but I never thought I'd see a shopping cart on top. Looks like it could be a red beacon of hope. I am worried about what will happen when the snow melts though. Will the cart come crashing down in a tidal wave and wreak havoc on the closet vehicle? Or will it just sink to the bottom as "Mount Eden Prairie" turns into "Lake Eden Prairie"?

Needless to say, many Minnesotans are having fun at the newest "monument" in the city.

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