Since the dawn of traveling food shows, businesses hoped to have at least one item featured on national television. Two Minnesota sandwiches shine on 'Best Sandwiches Featured On Man V. Food'.

'Man V. Food' first aired on the Travel Channel in 2008. The show followed food enthusiast Adam Richman as he traveled across the United States looking for "big food" offerings and unique food challenges. The show ended in 2012 after four seasons when Adam retired from food challenges.

Good news for fans of the show, it was revived in 2017 and professional eater and fellow ginger Casey Webb hosted the show.

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The website Mashed, released a list of the best sandwiches to be featured on the show. I'm not sure what prompted this list, but it does have me craving a "monster" sandwich. The list features 12 different sandwiches from across the U.S. and features two from Minnesota and one from Wisconsin.

Before we dive into the wonderful sandwiches from the Land of 10,000 Lakes, let's see which one represented the Badger State:

Andy Santell via YouTube
Andy Santell via YouTube

 The Commish In Milwaukee

In season 5, Casey heads to Jake's Deli in Milwaukee to take on the girthy Commish challenge. This particular challenge is 4.5 pounds of deliciousness that gives people 45 minutes to finish it. The sandwich consists of:

An entire loaf of rye bread with 2.5 pounds of corned beef and pastrami, a half-pound of sauerkraut, a half-pound of cheese, a half-pound of jalapeños, Thousand Island dressing, Swiss cheese, and pickles

You can check out Andy "Atlas" Santell taking on the challenge below:

Now on to the two Minnesota sandwiches:

DMAX UK via YouTube
DMAX UK via YouTube

The Banh Mi at Lu's Sandwiches

Located in Minneapolis, this 30-inch sandwich features:

a French baguette with marinated pork shoulder, pork paté, cilantro, cucumber, pickled carrots, daikon, jalapeños, green onions, mayo, and butter



Sandwiches of History via YouTube
Sandwiches of History via YouTube

Cajun Finn on the North Shore

Nestled in the heart of Canal Park in Duluth, you'll find Northern Waters Smokehaus. The restaurant is known for smoking its own meats and fish, and making some mouth watering sandwiches. The Cajun Finn is made with:

smoked Cajun salmon, onion cream cheese, roasted red peppers, pepperoncini, and lettuce on a rustic stirato roll.

The sandwich was featured on "Sandwiches of History" that you can check out below:

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