The Duluth Transit Authority announced an opportunity to ride fare-free for two weeks as summer ends to promote their new "Better Bus Blueprint".

The "Better Bus Blueprint" is a significant overhaul of how the DTA serves the Twin Ports area, bringing changes to routes around the area with the goal of bringing "a better transit experience for Twin Ports residents".

According to documentation on the program, the program is designed to provide faster travel times, more consistent service - including more weekend service, improved access, better technology, improved bus stops, and a simplified route map that is easier to navigate.

Two of the tentpoles of the Better Bus Blueprint are the Blue and Green "Go Line", which aim to provide service every 15 minutes. The Blue Go Line extends from Spirit Valley, through Downtown Duluth, then up to UMD. The Green Go Line extends from Downtown Duluth to the Miller Hill Mall and Walmart in Hermantown.


Technology is also a point of emphasis, with an interactive online map to find buses and routes, a mobile app, and mobile payment options, among other things.

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To encourage Twin Ports area residents to try out the new Better Bus Blueprint, the DTA announced they will be providing free, unlimited rides from Sunday, August 27 through Saturday, September 9.

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You can learn more about this fare-free riding period as well as everything you need to know about the DTA's Better Bus Blueprint on the Duluth Transit Authority website.

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