The St Louis County Rescue Squad has added a new tool to its arsenal, and it's a game changer for search and rescue operations.

The two new Sherp ATV vehicles are made for extreme environments, with giant 72-inch tires and an impressive 24 inches of clearance the Sherp ATVs can pass just about any conditions in Northern Minnesota.

The two rescue vehicles named "Sherp 1" and "Sherp 2" were purchused with money from a combination of grants and a donation from a private benefactor. The St Louis County Rescue Squad says, "One unit will live at our Pike Lake headquarters while the other will reside Up North. Sherp 2 has already participated in two SAR missions, and we expect great things from these exciting new additions to our fleet."

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Sherp 1 and 2 have already been used in a handful of missions including the search for Jeremy Lawrence, who went missing on August 20th after last being seen on Highway 4 at Island Lake.

According to the manufacturer, "The name Sherp ATV is derived from the Sherpa porters that carry supplies up and down Mount Everest under the world’s toughest conditions day in, and day out. If you are looking for an off-road work vehicle to carry people and supplies, or just looking to play in extreme conditions, the Sherp ATV is the only choice." The Sherp Pro XT has an MSRP of $159,995.

The St. Louis County Rescue Squad is a 501c3 volunteer organization that responds to calls involving wilderness search and rescue. According to its website, "Volunteer Rescue Squad Members are trained in specialized skills. These are tasks which require training above and beyond the basic search and rescue skills such as first aid, cross country navigation, wilderness survival, emergency driving, and small boat handling."

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