I feel like Minnesota is one of those states where if you live here, you love it, and if you don't live here, you don't get it.

I understand there is quite a bit to complain about in the Land of 10,000 complaints - I mean lakes. However, there is a lot to love. Yes, sometimes the cold and snow suck, but there are a lot of things we don't have to worry about while living in the frozen tundra.

A Minnesota man took to Reddit to let us know he is moving, but also decided to write a love letter to the state that I think we can all agree is very fitting. From my experience, Minnesota is one of those states where when people move, most of them come back. It's not called "Minnesota Nice" for no reason.

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Let's break this love letter down, submitted by Reddit user zoominzacks:

He started off the letter by saying his wife is moving them to a place where no one will understand the badge of honor from people who lived through the 1991 Halloween storm. He even said he went trick-or-treating that night. I technically lived through the storm, however, I was a little ginger nugget. My grandpa would complain about it every year because the snow broke through the windows of the screened-in front porch. So, naturally, he would bring it up every year.

The Reddit user also said there's a good chance the people in his new town won't know what tater tot hotdish is or why it's a good idea to keep bread bags as winter boot liners.

Here are the user's personal highlights while living in The Norths Star State:

Toronto Blue Jays v Minnesota Twins, Game 1
Getty Images

The Twins Winning The World Series

Unfortunately, I was too young to witness this personally. However, the Reddit user claimed he stood on his front porch hoping to hear the celebration.

Dennis Green
Getty Images

The 1998 Minnesota Vikings

Another sports-related memory. I remember many people thinking the Vikes were finally going to bring it home that year after going 15-1 in the regular season. With Randall Cunningham at the helm, Robert Smith in the backfield, two outstanding receivers with veteran Chris Carter, the rookie sensation Randy Moss, and so many other great players that year.

The Reddit user shared that he watched the NFC Championship game against the Falcons on a 13" black and white TV at the subway he worked at. He also remembered screaming obscenities at the TV for the knee before halftime, and the infamous Gary Anderson kick. He said his customers didn't even get offended, as many were yelling along with him.

He also brought up the day he realized what his dad meant when he told him "why are you watching that crap. All they’ll do is break your heart”. I'm sure we can all relate to the fact that being a lifelong Vikings fan has a few more downs than ups.

2004 National Baseball Hall of Fame Weekend - July 24, 2004

The Day Kirby Puckett Died

The day Puck died and it hit way too hard as an adult. I wasn't even around when the Twins won the World Series, and Twins fans of all generations had a heavy heart that day.

Minnesota Highway 61 southbound road sign along the Minnesota North Shore
Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

The North Shore

The user recalls his first time experiencing the North Shore. He also shared his thoughts of Rustic Inn pies being better than Betty's Pies.

I personally haven't had either pie, but I have heard that the Rustic Inn is slightly better.

Wally The Beer Man

Who can forget the legendary beer vendor, Walter McNeil? The user recalls getting his autograph at the circus.

Netflix Live on Location- The Bruce Willis Band
Getty Images

Watching the Bruce Willis Band

I honestly didn't even know Bruce was in a band. The user shares when he saw the band from his dad's shoulders at the Taste of Minnesota.

Gov Jesse Ventura Speaks To The Metronorth Chamber April 11 2002 At The Tournament Play
Getty Images

'The Body' Becoming the Governor

Former WWE wrestler Jesse Ventura getting elected was also on the highlight list.

Lakers v Timberwolves
Getty Images

The Timberwolves Western Conference Finals Run

Another heartbreaking Minnesota sports memory. The Wolves finished as the top seed in 2004 and even won their first-ever playoff series against the Nuggets. Beat the Kings in the next round and almost beat the Lakers in the Conference Finals. Many believe if Sam Cassel didn't get hurt in game 7, The wolves may have gone on to win the Championship.

The Reddit user shared his agreement and his memory of the infamous "big balls" dance.


Kayaking in the BCWA

His last shared memory was kayaking in the BCWA as many tourists do. He even shared that he tipped over in the running rapids with no skirt. Yikes.

He wrapped up the letter by stating he was going to become one of those people who constantly talk about "back home". He also shared that it will be a proper Minnesota goodbye as it'll take about 2 months for him to fully move across the country. In true Minnesotan fashion, he finished it by saying "Ope, just gonna slide outta here a little bit".

Reading this letter, all these memories came flooding back to me as I'm sure they will with a lot of other Minnesotans. You can read the full letter here as it has over 200 comments.

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