When you are an adult and have grown-up "toys" they can require some maintenance and TLC to perform at their peak like a boat. They can be costly to buy and maintain depending on how old it is and what kind of conditions you put it under. Well, one gentleman from the Twin Cities area given what lake he was on, might want to rethink his plans with his boat for next year.

This video was tagged Lake Minnetonka, but given the narrow passage, this boat owner was trying to get through I am guessing he has a dock by his house? Either way, I don't think he will make it to wherever he has to go, it looks like he got stuck toward the end of the video.

Can you imagine being out in your backyard like the guy videotaping this and seeing this guy trying to push his boat through the ice? I don't know maybe this is more common than I thought. Either way, there are tow truck companies that are willing to pull your boats out of the ice, but of course, that costs money.

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I am no boat expert by any means but the sound of that poor motor chopping up the ice and the front of the boat pushing through he needs one of the ice cutters on lake superior to help him out or a tug boat. All bets are off that he made it all the way on his own. I say Ice 1 Boat owner 0.

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