The Courtyard By Marriot in Mankato was holding an open house to show off their newly renovated event center and the theme was weddings. That is when the assistant General Manager decided why not have a wedding today?

Maria Keough and her fiancé, German Aquino had met while working at the hotel 8 years ago and she figured why don't the two of them get married? Everything is already set up, so why not.

With three kids together they knew they wanted to get married at some point and with all the beautiful decorations Keough knew it was the perfect setting. Aquino said to KEYC “At first, I thought she was kidding, Then, I got the message of like ‘yeah, we’re actually doing this.’ I was like, ‘oh, okay. Well, let’s do it."

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They had to hustle with only 5 hours to get a dress, inform guests and get a minister they were in a race against time. Luckily for them, one of their co-workers was ordained. so that was one thing they could check off immediately.

Keough found a wedding dress on Facebook Marketplace and they planned on having the ceremony at 7:30 that night. Even though they just had a few hours to inform family and friends they showed up in their formal attire and were ready for the ceremony.

The couple knew they could have never pulled this off without the help of the hotel staff, which Keough said being in the hospitality industry helps, and the fact that they are all one big family. It just goes to show that sometimes you can have the perfect wedding for not a whole lot of money or planning for months at a time. Congratulations to the happy couple.

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