The craft beer-dedicated website recently published a list of the most unique places to drink a beer in the United States. This "five best" list included destinations in Florida, New Jersey, Oregon, Illinois, and Minnesota.

While there are a wealth of breweries with great beer, the idea behind this list explores the most unique experiences and atmospheres among breweries across the country.

Admittedly, most breweries have some cool, unique element to the atmosphere or their beer-making process. That's part of the charm of enjoying a locally-crafted beer, cider, or seltzer. The places on this list do really stand out, and the Minnesota brewery highlighted is an example of that.

Which Minnesota brewery made the list?

Bang Brewing in St. Paul, Minnesota

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Making beer involves using grain. Why not enjoy the beer in a grain bin? That's part of the idea behind St. Paul's Bang Brewing Company.

"The Bin", as they call it, is a custom-built grain bin that plays the role of both taproom and brewing facility.

The brewery was started by Jay and Sandy Boss Febo, a husband and wife duo that say they wanted to "build something unique, sustainable, and environmentally friendly." That holds true in the structure of their building and the process of brewing their beverages.

The brewery's bin structure was designed to reduce water usage and the electricity used by the facility is wind-generated. They also partner with local farmers to source organic ingredients for their beverages and emphasize composting, reuse, and recycling in all that they do.

Even the outdoor setting for guests during warmer months has a focus on the environment. The majority of the brewery's 1/6 acre lot in St. Paul features permeable surfaces and is landscaped with barley and prairie grasses and other plants. It's like having a beer on the farm, only in the middle of St. Paul's Saint Anthony Park neighborhood.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press named their outdoor seating area one of the best patios in the Twin Cities in their 2017 listing.

The brewery features a sizable rotation of seasonal beers and regular taps as well as a food partnership, which for 2023 features pizza from Pastel Artisan Pizza. Yes, pizza and beer.

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