I love sales, I'm a sucker for a good deal, so this particular sale caught my attention as I've never seen or heard about a sale like this before.

Who is Doing The Sale?

When big retail stores do a sale, they generally put a certain group of items on sale for a week or two, and move on to the next sale. Sometimes you'll see more inventive sales, like Menards does a sale where you can get a fixed percent off the items you can fit in a standard brown paper bag, but I've never seen a sale like what Fleet Farm is doing this weekend.

Mills Fleet Farm in Hermantown, MN - Duluth Area
Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

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Fleet Farm has 17 locations in Minnesota and 23 in Wisconsin, and all of them are offering this unique sale on Saturday, February 24th. The sale is only available to a limited number of shoppers and once the discounts are gone, the sale is over.

With a wide range of merchandise, from outdoor gear and supplies to household items and automotive parts and accessories, this might be a great opportunity to load up, and possibly get your entire purchase for FREE!

Not inflated balloon isolated

What Makes This Sale at Fleet Farm so Unique?

Fleet Farm is calling it the Balloon Pop Event, and it's giving the first 300 customers a chance to pop a balloon while checking out to get one of 5 discounts, 200 winners will get 10% off, 92 will get 15% off, 4 will score 25% off, 3 poppers will find a 50% discount, and one lucky shopper will get 100% off their purchase.

Tickets will be handed out when shoppers arrive at the store, once carts are full and ready for checkout, tickets will be handed over to the cashier in exchange for what I assume will be an orange balloon, and popped to reveal the deal. You can learn more about the sale here.

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