If you've ever had dreams of being on a game show, a new attraction coming to Minnesota will give you the game show experience - no try-out needed!

The attraction, called "Great Big Game Show" is a new addition coming to the Mall of America in the Twin Cities that promises to offer laughs and excitement in a live-action game show experience where you and your friends or family can compete!

The team at MOA recently shared the news about what they call "a new concept for fun" that will be another draw for the megamall.

Great Big Game Show is a brand that currently operates similar experiences in Tennessee and Texas, with plans to expand to Minnesota and California.

What is the Great Big Game Show like?

Great Big Game Show on YouTube
Great Big Game Show on YouTube

The attraction we'll be seeing open in Minnesota will offer two different game show experiences. Here's a quick look at each of them:

"The Original" is described as " a wild ride through rounds of trivia, chance, prop challenges, and speed tests." During the course of the competition, teams will spin, draw, build, wager, and guess their way to victory.

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This looks like a ton of fun! Here's a look at what "The Original" experience is like.

"Trivia Showdown" is the other experience being offered, perfect for those people who sit at home and shout out the answer.

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They describe the experience as "A mix of trivia, strategy, and mini-games that will remind you of all of your favorite game shows." During the game, you'll roll giant dice, wager your points, and try to outsmart the other team "in a head-to-head battle of speed and wit".

Here's a look at the trivia experience.

How do you book? How much does it cost?

Great Big Game Show on YouTube
Great Big Game Show on YouTube

While you can't book yet for the Minnesota location (that'll come closer to when the open), you'll be able to book a time on the Great Big Game Show website. The game experience lasts an hour, and you'll be able to enjoy all of the game show fun you can during that timeframe.

Looking at the prices for their other locations, the company charges $37.99 per person to participate.

Do you compete against other random teams?

That's one of the options. The company says you can book a complete experience just to compete against your friends or family, or you can just book your party and compete against strangers, kind of like you would on a real game show.

What do you win?

Great Big Game Show on YouTube
Great Big Game Show on YouTube

If you were hoping for a big prize like on a real TV game show, this might be the only letdown. You're competing for bragging rights in these games, but it still sounds like a great time - even if you don't get to take home a tangible prize. Memories are your parting gift.

Where will the Great Big Game show be at the MOA? When does it open?

The Great Big Game Show will be on Level 3, East at the Mall of America. It will be located right next to The Escape Game, which the MOA says will be getting some new escape room designs this summer too.

Mall officials say they plan to have the attraction open "early summer" of this year.

So, the wait won't be all that much longer!

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