The collection of Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers players by the New York Jets continued this week as they signed former Vikings star rusher Dalvin Cook on a 1-year, $8.6 million deal.

Bringing Cook aboard adds a second top-flight player to the Jets roster after Aaron Rodgers was traded to New York from Green Bay earlier this year. What's wild though is the total number of former Vikings and Packers currently on the depth chart for the Jets.

Now, it is worth noting that we are still early in the preseason, with cuts ahead. Some of these players are tucked deeper on the depth chart, and may not make the final roster after cuts are made.

This year's cut to the final 53-man roster happens on Tuesday, August 29. We'll have to see how many make the team after that happens, but Aaron and Dalvin are a lock to be on the final roster heading into the regular season.

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Here's a look at all of the former Vikings and Packers players that are currently listed on the roster for the Jets.

Former Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers on the 2023 New York Jets Roster

With the big-name additions of Aaron Rodgers and Dalvin Cook, the number of former Vikings and Packers players on the preseason roster for the Jets is crazy! A total of 14 players are on the pre-cuts roster for New York.

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