Update 12/15/22 1:30 PM:

The Bentleyville Tour of Lights will be closed for the second consecutive day, following this week's blizzard in Duluth.

Organizers for the holiday attraction shared a message Thursday, explaining that weather conditions and flooding in the park are leading to being closed Thursday. They explained that the warm temperatures and heavy snow are making it difficult to clear pathways, making it unsafe to host the event Thursday night.

There is no word on whether or not the attraction will be open again for Friday. While additional snow is expected, it is supposed to be lighter.

We'll monitor the situation and update everyone once an announcement is made for Friday.

Yesterday we reported in this same post about another Duluth attraction, Spirit Mountain, also having to be closed. They had hoped to be able to be open today, and they were able to do so.

They shared via Facebook that they planned for a delayed opening time of noon today.

Original Post 12/14/22 12:38 PM:

While fresh snow on the ground can add to the experience at both the Bentleyville Tour of Lights and Spirit Mountain, but the strong winds combined with heavy falling snow forced both Duluth attractions to close Wednesday.

Our blizzard conditions in the Duluth area prompted both outlets to make the decision late Wednesday morning.

With continued poor conditions expected at least early Thursday, will either be open for the day on Thursday?

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Bentleyville said in their Facebook post that they will continue to monitor the weather, and make an announcement on whether or not they will be open by Thursday afternoon. The attraction normally opens by 5 pm, so this will give visitors time to make alternative plans in the event they are closed again Thursday.

As far as Spirit Mountain goes, they shared in a Facebook message Wednesday morning that continued heavy snow created safety concerns with the lifts and overall operations at Spirit Mountain. Initially, concerns about wind postponed their opening for Wednesday until noon, until they ultimately decided not to open Wednesday.

They said they will be reassessing conditions Thursday morning, with the "hope/goal" of being able to open later in the day Thursday.

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