St. Louis County residents have a new tool at their disposal that will give them an up-to-date look at crime statistics for the Northland. If you've ever wondered where crimes are occurring and what type of criminal activity is happening, this new feature will help

The St. Louis County Sheriff's Department unveiled their Crime Incident Map - an interactive, online digital dashboard that acts as a clearing house for all of that important data. Users can dial in to the map to see what various types of crimes have occured.  The GIF-style map allows users to instantly get access to all types of crime incidents  - including crimes against people, property crimes, and others that are reported as part of the National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS).

You can access the crime mapping dashboard by going to

Users will find data on all incidents in areas of the county that fall under the jurisdiction of the St. Louis County Sheriff's Office in addition to some other adjacent jurisdictions that also use the same records management system.  Incidents that occur within the city boundaries of Duluth, Hermantown, and Virginia - which use a seperate records system - are not shown on the crime mapping dashboard uness a St. Louis County Sheriff's Deputy was involved in the response.

The new feature provides public access to important crime statistics and data.  St. Louis County Supervising Deputy Brandon Silgjord explains:

"We wanted to make this information available because it's important from a transparency perspective, but also to ensure people have accurate information when there are concerns about crime in a community."

The information on the county's dashboard will be updated on a daily basis.  The crime incident data can be sorted and viewed based on location, range of dates, responding law enforcement agency, and other search criteria.  The record data goes back to January 1, 2021.

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