Last year the United States saw the highest number of bank closures since the 2008 recession, with more to come this year.

US Bank announced earlier this year they will be closing branches across the country in 2024, including two in Minnesota and two in Wisconsin.

"Clients’ banking preferences and behaviors are changing, including a rapid migration toward digital and mobile banking platforms, and a desire for greater simplicity," US Bank Regional Communications manager Jake Holtrop said in a media release.

Just look around, and you'll see people glued to their smartphones, handling everything from paying bills to transferring funds. It's all about convenience and efficiency these days.

Think about it, when was the last time you stepped foot inside a local bank branch? For some, it may be a daily routine for business transactions or maybe you work at a bank, but for others like me, I can't remember the last time I needed to go to a physical bank location. 100% of my banking is now done online.

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"As we evolve along with our clients, we are reevaluating our physical footprint, and in some instances, consolidating branch locations in select markets. Although we are closing some branches, we continue to open and enhance others, as well as rapidly enhancing our digital capabilities,” Holtrop continued.

US Bank Locations Closed in Minnesota in 2024

US Bank, headquartered in Minneapolis, has reportedly closed two locations in Minnesota in 2024:

  • US Bank on 403 Center Ave in Moorehead, MN

The US Bank branch on Center Ave in Moorehead closed on May 1, 2024.

US Bank East Main Moorehead MN (Google)
US Bank East Main Moorehead MN (Google)

  • US Bank on 236 East Main Street, Blooming Prairie, MN

The US Bank branch on East Main St. closed on May 1, 2024

US Bank - 236 Main St Blooming Prairie, MN (Google)
US Bank - 236 Main St Blooming Prairie, MN (Google)
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US Bank Closing Two Locations in Wisconsin in 2024

Two US Bank locations in Wisconsin are slated to close this year as well:

  • US Bank Branch on 311 West Grand Avenue in Wisconsin Rapids, WI

The US Bank branch in Wisconsin Rapids is set to close on May 16, 2024.  The other location in the city will reportedly remain open.

US Bank Wisconsin Rapids (Google)
US Bank Wisconsin Rapids (Google)

  • Us Bank Branch on 24049 State Road 35 in Siren, WI

The US Bank branch in Siren, Wisconsin will close on May 14, 2024. The US Bank branch on Webster will remain open.

US Bank Siren, WI
US Bank Siren, WI (Google)

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