Who thought it would be possible?   Have dinner with Betty White!  It's not because she's looking for a suitable significant other. she's an animal lover and is raising money for the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles.  Of course, you may have to pool your money, this is HOT, it's going to cost ya!

I hope when I'm 90 I can be as spry and able to assist in raising money for non-profits like Betty.  10 of her biggest fans will be able to win a date with Betty in an auction that starts Monday and is open through Dec. 10.

You won't be alone with her, instead you'll have dinner with her and spcaLA president Madeline Bernstein.  But, you will get to experience one of Betty's favorite restaurants in the greater Los Angeles area. (SO, you'll have to win the bid AND get yourself to LA, but hey, who wouldn't want to get outta Dodge for a weekend?)  The winning bidder will also be able to bring three friends along for the fun-filled evening.

She's not a cheap date like me, the enchanted evening has a  minimum bid of $1,000.  Get out the plastic!

remember? For more details on the special opportunity, check out the spcaLA website.

Hey, if you bid and win, can I be one of your three friends????

Info from tvguide.com




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