Who doesn't love the sweetened frozen food called ice cream? Nowadays there are so many different flavors out there, However, there is one in Minnesota that is pretty unique.

I used to love eating ice cream as a kid, but now I'm unfortunately lactose intolerant and it's a whole different ballgame for me. I still love seeing all the crazy cool flavors and enjoying a solid vegan option from time to time. Heck, If a certain flavor is calling out to me, I might just suffer the consequences and give it a try.

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I recently came across an article from Food & Wine called 'The Best Ice Cream In Every State'. Naturally, I had to dive in and check it out. Here's what they said for Minnesota & Wisconsin:


According to the article, Ben Spangler has helped develop flavors for ice cream shops all over the Twin Cities area and has even competed on the Food Network. He opened up his own shop called Bebe Zito in Minneapolis and the flavors sound amazing. The one they chose is called "Lemon Party", which is a buttermilk yuzu base with a blueberry ripple and caramelized butter streusel.

You know what, that does sound pretty unique and looks delicious. It looks like they tweaked it up a bit last month and renamed it "Live, Laugh, Lemon Party". This time it has a buttermilk base, with blackberry blueberry jam and lemon party-soaked cake mix-ins.



No surprise here. Over in the Badger State, it's frozen custard. Not really the unique angle I was looking for. Ice cream and custard have the same three basic ingredients (milk, cream, and sugar), really the only difference is the custard has to contain 1.4% pasteurized egg yolk .


So there you have it. Could "Live, Laugh, Lemon Party" be the most unique ice cream flavor in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, or is it something else?

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