According to a U of M memo circulating around campuses, your "winter celebration" shouldn't have Santa, nativity scenes, Christmas trees, bows, red and green or blue and white colored decorations, etc. This is out of respect to the diversity found on campuses, but is this taking politically correctness too far?

As you can see from the full memo below, which I first saw on Facebook friend Tracy Lundeen's page, there are also instructions for people if they are "concerned that there are inappropriate religious celebrations in your work or learning environment..".

I'm all for respecting everyone's beliefs and I embrace the diversity that exists in our country.  I also believe in equal rights for all people.  However, I don't think putting up a Santa Claus or decorating in another traditional fashion is a threat to anyone.

To me, having Christmas decorations this time of year does not, by default, automatically condemn other beliefs.

When I attend celebrations or gatherings that don't represent me, I'm not offended and I don't feel left out whatsoever.  I understand the world does not revolve around me, diversity makes the world go round, and I want everyone to enjoy the freedoms this country has to offer, including having a party that has Santa Claus, doves, or a Menorah.

That's just my opinion, what's yours?

Provided by Tracy Lundeen
Provided by Tracy Lundeen

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