I can honestly say I've only witnessed a live moose in the wild once in my life.  It was just outside of Remer, MN on our way back from Walker.  He was standing in the ditch near the road lazily chewing his cud not really caring that we had stopped to gawk at him.  I guess we were gawking because you just don't see that animal out in their natural habitat very often.

A moose survey indicates the count of moose is down and  according to the University of MN website the most effected is the adults.  They are important to the production of new moose in the area.  They really don't have a valid reason for the decline at this time but do have some factors that may be a contributor like warmer weather, changing habitat and disease.

We need to figure out why this is happening and why the calves that are being born are not surviving their first year.  The DNR had stopped the hunting of moose in 2013.

The University of MN is asking that you let them know if you sight a moose or encounter one that is dead or sickly.

Your help, along with additional research may help answer many questioned about our state's moose population.  Can you help?

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