By now you would hope that many of us would be educated enough to know about the dangers of spreading invasive species with our watercraft.  The DNR has made a huge effort in the past decade to educate the public.  We're used to inspecting our boats and trailers for invasive species, but in some cases some of these species may spread and grow another way:  boat lifts and docks.

The MN DNR encourages you to inspect your boat lifts and docks for invasive species.   Early detection can allow a quicker response to the invasive species and slow the spreading.  If you plan on moving the boat lifts or docks to another location, the law is it must be out of the water for 21 days.

So make sure you take time to inspect those docks and boat lifts when you take them out of the water.  The link below can give you more information on what to look for!


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