With the annual start of the boating season Memorial Day weekend, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is reminding everyone to follow the law and protect their waters from aquatic invasive species.

Already this year, DNR inspectors have stopped a number of boaters and businesses moving watercraft in and out of lakes with zebra mussels attached to boats or equipment.

The Minnesota DNR states that more than 500 Minnesota rivers, lakes, and wetlands are designated as infested with aquatic invasive species. That leaves more than 10,000 bodies of water to protect.

A reminder that before leaving a water access, boaters are required to:

  • Clean off all aquatic plants and animals.
  • Drain all water from bilge, livewell and baitwell by removing drain plugs and leaving the drain plug out when transporting.
  • Dispose of unwanted bait in the trash.

Have a great and safe weekend out on the lakes and remember to take us with you wherever you go.

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