When I first heard about rape allegations about Bill Cosby, I laughed them off, figuring it was some money hungry women causing trouble.  I mean this is Bill Cosby we are talking about!  Mr. Family man, a father for an entire generation.  Bill has always been viewed as one of the good guys, somebody you could trust.  That's why I don't want to believe these allegations, because if they are true, I can no longer give my respect and trust to another celebrity.

It's strange because even though we never actually meet these people and have real relationships, they are somebody we let into our home.  We FEEL as if we know them, so we are betrayed as well when we find out horrible things.

Like I said, at first I just dismissed the rumors.  After more surfaced, I started doing a little research, and found that he isn't as squeaky clean as he seems.  He had an extra-marital affair.  He also did a stand up bit about date rape drugs.  His image as a wholesome TV dad is fading away.

Cosby is innocent until proven guilty, however his career is still suffering as NBC has pulled their project, and Netflix has postponed a special.

I still hold on to a glimmer of  hope that all of this is fabricated, but it seems more and more credible.  Cosby has stayed quiet on this, saying it's not worth him even recognizing or giving it attention.  I wonder, do you think it would help if he did say something?


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