Sunday morning.  My morning to sleep in and there I was, laying in my cozy, comfy bed eyes wide open listening to the somewhat familiar sounds of our local morning birds.  We started trying to identify the name of the bird making each sound and trying to remember their names from our childhood.  This is a super cool interactive illustration that will help you figure out exactly what bird woke you up this morning (heavy on the sarcasm).

This was the first time we heard the birds this year which told me Spring has definitely sprung.  It won't take long for the smile of "it's spring" to leave our face and the frown of "why can't the shut up" replaces it.  We sleep with the bedroom window open in the summer because we have an upstairs bedroom and it's hot.  So they are loud and proud in the morning.

This morning, there it was, that particularly annoying one that is like someone whistling in two tones, we HAD to figure it out.  We stumbled upon the interactive illustration below and there it was.  Our annoying culprit is a black-capped chickadee!  If you've been curious about the sounds outside your window, I'm sure this super cool interactive illustration from the MN DNR will help and if you have kids, it's a great learning tool that will hold their interest.

My parents use to feed them seed and suet, (gross)!  The definition of suet is the hard white fat on the kidneys and loins of cattle, sheep, and other animals, ewwwww!  However, this blog has inspired us to make the effort to put out bird feeders in the yard.  I know, I know, yes we are prepared to hear even MORE birds in the morning, lol.

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