Like them or not, face masks are going to be a part of our life for the time being.  As the United States (and the world) deals with the COVID-19 Pandemic, the face coverings have become a front-line defense (or offense) in the fight.  With a majority of cities and states around the country passing resolutions making mask wearing in public spaces a mandatory item, these clothing items have become an important part of our wardrobe.

Wearing a mask in public has become a given.  But - how do you care for them?

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Similar to any item of clothing, fabric is going to get dirty with use - whether that dirt is visible or not.  Just like you need to wash your shirts, pants, socks, etc on a regular basis - washing your face mask is also vital.

But how do you do it - and - how do you do it properly?  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers tips to individuals who are navigating through the pandemic.  Although many people seem to wear their masks numerous times before laundering them, the CDC recommends washing a mask after each single use.

How To Properly Wash A Cloth Face Mask

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