Ok, I'm really putting myself out there, out of my bubble and feeling exposed.  But since I started talking about AJ's Tanning and airbrush tanning with Dawn and the Mystic Tanning Machine, I've had lots of questions.  So, while this was out of my comfort zone, I decided to show you exact how it works, while I got my first one.

What I did find out was that it is much more private (if you don't have a camera crew in the room with you), and a whole lot faster.  You can get a golden glow in just 60 seconds.  That was very appealing to me since I don't have a lot of time.  Plus, after the Mystic Tan I was allowed to be in a stand-up tanning machine for two minutes to dry.  I was able to put my clothes on and be on my way.

One thing to remember is that the Mystic Tan solution continues to darken for four hours.  During that time you should wear loose clothing, no make-up or lotions and shouldn't shower until after you've hit that four hour mark.


Be sure to shower, shave and exfoliate any dry skin before you go for your Mystic Tan.  Don't put any make-up or lotion on.  The solution of the Mystic Tan Machine should be sprayed directly on to your skin.  Wear baggy loose clothing, preferable sweats.  I would also recommend them to be dark just in case you have a bit of wet solution still on your body when you get dressed, but unlikely if you make sure you're dry before re-dressing.

Now I've had both the airbrush tan and Mystic Tan options.  I enjoy chatting with Dawn while she airbrush tans me, but I have to say being able to get sprayed in just 60 seconds with the Mystic Tan Machine and for those that are uncomfortable being undressed in front of others this is a great choice!

The weather is cooler, the sun isn't as strong and soon you'll be turning to an alternative method for that healthy glow.  Consider trying a Mystic Tan, I know I'll be using it again (without cameras)!

Ok, here we go:


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