Honest Trailers are just that.  It's a brutally honest and funny take on the movies we loved.  'The Last Jedi' may be one of the most controversial movies in the franchise.  Critics loved it, fans were divided.  Honest Trailers really hits home the fan sentiment with the scenes that we all had a problem with.

Watch the video and we'll discuss in further detail below.


Laws of Space battles?  Yep had a problem with that.  When did space have gravity for the bombers?

The casino side story?  We could have definitely done without!  Thanks Honest Trailers!

I loved the Finn reference to running away in Force Awakens, and running away again in Last Jedi.  For some reason I didn't connect that until now.

Carrie Poppins?  Now that's hilarious.

And also, I like the porgs, and I'll own it.  We have to be able to laugh at ourselves as ridiculous Star Wars fans, and Honest Trailers nails it.


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