Drivers on Highway 53 will encounter an overlay project that will affect traffic patterns for the remainder of the summer and into the fall.  Officials with the Minnesota Department of Transportation have announced that work will begin on the stretch of Highway 53 near Pike Lake and Twig to County Road 8 starting Monday, June 21.

According to the details released by MNDOT, the construction will happen on southbound Highway 53 - starting with a temporary crossover pattern that will require left and passing lane closures on both the north and southbound directions of Highway.  The agency is telling people to expect minor delays during the times of the day when heavier traffic occurs.  When the construction of the temporary crossovers is done, traffic will then be switched to head-to-head traffic on the northbound lanes for construction to begin on the southbound lanes.  MNDOT anticipates releasing an additional traffic update prior to that traffic pattern change to give the general public up-to-date information.

The scope of the work includes removal of the in-place concrete overlay, with construction of a new unbonded concrete overlay to replace what's there in the southbound lanes.  MNDOT's timeline shows that the work will take 95 calendar days from the start (June 21) - weather permitting.  That would put the completion date for the timeline at the end of September.

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Total cost for the overlay work is $10 million dollars.  To get complete details on this work or any of the projects coordinated by the Minnesota Department of Transportation, visit their website.  You'll find up-to-the minute traffic details and a wealth of traffic-related resources.

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