Duluth drivers who utilize Highway 2 or Canosia Road will want to know about an intersection closure in the Munger area that will last about a month and a half.  Officials with the St. Louis County Public Works department are alerting drivers about the closure of the intersection of Highway 2 and Canosia Road for a six week period, starting Monday, May 16.

Due to the high volume of traffic that goes through this corridor on a daily basis, impacts will be high.  Estimates detail that about 5,000 cars pass through where Highway 2 and Canosia Road meet each day.

It's that high volume of traffic that has necessitated the closure for a road construction project.

According to details being shared by St. Louis County, workers will add turn lanes on Trunk Highway 2 at that intersection.  The addition of those turn lanes will make the intersection safer and allow traffic to move in a more streamlined manner.

While the intersection closure is in place, drivers will be instructed to use the signed detour.  That detour will direct drivers to use Maple Grove Road, Munger Shaw Road, and Morris Thomas Road as alternatives on their route.

The county has offered a map that details the detour routes in advance for drivers:

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Again, the anticipated timeline for this project has it being completed by the end of June.  However, like many outdoor road construction projects, a variety of factors can impact that scheduling - including weather, road and ground conditions, supply issues, and a variety of other factors.

To learn more about this particular road construction project at Highway 2 and Canosia Road, or any of the other projects coordinated by St. Louis County, click here to visit their website.

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