Minnesota began the slow process of reopening the state on Monday (June 1st). Governor Walz' allowed certain businesses to open their doors once again and restaurants to allow outdoor seating as an addition to ordering takeout.

With the new order, nail salons opened too for the first time since March. I wanted to go get my nails done and support a local business but I was pretty nervous as to how this would go. I didn't know what to expect since businesses had to open with new regulations and guidelines.

So what is it like getting your nails done amid the COVID-19 pandemic? Here are some things I noticed:

  • It wasn't as strange or different as I thought it would be. Because we are used to wearing a mask and using hand sanitizer and maintaining a safe distance from others, it didn't feel out of the ordinary to do these things while getting my nails done.
  • There was plexiglass between me and the nail technician. It was so high up and covered so much space that it made me less fearful. Between that and both parties wearing a mask, I felt pretty safe.
  • The salon couldn't allow full capacity due to regulations so there were only a few other customers in the salon at the time. I didn't have to worry about it being packed or being in close quarters with another customer.
  • Nobody came inside to wait for their appointment. Everyone either came right at their appointment time or waited outside until it was time for their appointment, which meant less people lingering around.

Overall, the experience of going to a salon didn't seem that much different with COVID-19. Of course, there were precautions taken and less people in the salon itself but in general, it was not as polarizing as I pictured. It was also nice to support a local business that had been closed for a few months! There you have it.

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