A local blog from St. John's island has recently brought to light some of the amazing things that Kenny Chesney and his team are doing in relief efforts.  Not only did Kenny open his house up to 17 people who weathered the storm and survived, but his team was one of the first responders on the ground to help people out.

According to the blog, Kenny's private plane landed as soon as the winds were calm enough, bringing generators, internet equipment, food, medical supplies, and more.  They were literally the first ones on the ground.

They point out a key difference that private citizens can make because they don't have the government red tape and funding that needs to come through.   With the generosity of Chesney and his City of Love foundation, they were able to quickly get help to those who needed it.

Stories of the island of people coming together are inspiring, with many boat owners using their yachts to transport goods and help with relief efforts.

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