If you've been to Beyond The Barn in the Miller Hill Mall, you know they are the real deal when it comes to western wear. Their website provides the perfect description of who they are: "We are a family owned, full service tack shop and western boutique store that carries a full line of boots, apparel, and products for you and your horse."

A few years ago for my birthday, my wife gave me a bucket list trip to an all-inclusive dude ranch in Wyoming, which included horse back riding through the mountains and a lot more. I had two good friends join me and before we left, we went to Beyond The Barn to gear up and they were extremely friendly and helpful. They also had exactly what we needed for our 'City Slickers' adventure.

Having been treated so well by the staff there, I can't imagine anyone taking advantage of them, but that's exactly what happened on Monday, October 24, when a pair of boots was reportedly stolen.

Beyond The Barn shared videos of the suspects, as well as the backstory, Tuesday on their Facebook page:

Hey everybody, we're hoping for some help identifying these individuals who came into our store yesterday. He tried on boots, took off the tags, stowed the old pair he walked in with, then left with the new pair without paying. We will be notifying the police. If they come back and rectify the situation no further action will be taken. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!!

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Below is the first video that was shared. It's pretty noble that they are willing to take no further action if the individuals simply return the boots to rectify the situation.

Authentic boots are not cheap, so it's understandable that getting them back is a priority to the family at Beyond The Barn.

Shortly after sharing that first video, they shared another security video that shows more of the incident in question, which you can see below.

Hopefully the individuals in the videos do the right thing and simply return the boots and everyone moves past this incident. If you recognize either of the people in the captured on video, you can reach out to Beyond The Barn through their Facebook page. You could also call them at 218-481-7134.

As is always the case with stories like this, if you don't recognize these people it would be great to share this across social media as perhaps someone out there will.

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