The trend for gas prices continues to drop as the whole United States is quarantining in their homes unable to go work. If they are considered an essential business they are fortunate enough to go to work but really cannot go anywhere else.

CBS3 reports according to as of today March 31 the price of gas in Minnesota averages $1.84 and in Wisconsin the average price is much lower at $1.54 per gallon. In Michigan it is $ 1.69. I had heard that in some parts of Wisconsin it was as low as $1.00 and is only $0.95 in Wautoma, WI. The average price in Superior is $1.94.

The thing I am waiting to see is once the quarantine is over will the price of gas surge since everyone will be wanting to drive and get out of town and travel. I would guess the answer to this will be yes, but everyone will be so grateful to get back to work and have things go back to normal we will be willing to deal with it.

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