Garth Brooks is having a pretty good (and busy) year and it looks like it's about to get better - if only for us!

Let me explain in case you've been living under a rock. Recently, the country star announced his plans to tour stadiums across the country over the course of the next few years. He released a few tour dates but not all and said that more would be announced soon. Hmmmm.

(By the way - this may seem odd but he also hinted that it's because he'll be traveling with his wife on her very own tour.)

So far, Brooks has only announced a handful of shows with reports saying he will hit "ten or more" cities a year for the next three years when all is said and done. That brings us here.

While answering fan questions on Twitter Sunday night, he hinted to one very lucky Minnesotan that he would be coming our way very soon.

Here's what went down:

This sounds pretty telling to me! He could have simply ignored the tweet, as he was likely flooded with questions. Instead, he chose to respond to her and drop what seems like a very big hint.

We will keep our eyes peeled and our fingers crossed!

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