I needed some full cover up camouflage for turkey hunting, so I went to Fleet Farm and did some shopping. I found a rack that was Gamehide brand, with 'Elimitick Insect Repellent.' Wood ticks and deer ticks scare the heck out of me. There's been reports of new diseases in the last few years, along with more familiar diseases like lymes disease that have always been a concern. So it was an easy decision to buy some clothes that claim to offer some protection.

They sell for roughly $50-70 per pair of pants or top, depending on the deal you get. Thankfully the fitting guide shows you what size you'll want to order, and the fit was accurate. They are meant to be a cover up, which is perfect because it's lightweight and you can wear it over warm clothes. On the flip side, if it's a hotter day, you won't cook in it.

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I went hunting with a buddy, and I consider him my 'control' group in this test/trial as he had regular camouflage without the elimitick repellent. We went out for a couple of hours our first day of hunting. Neither of us had a tick. So far, no big deal.

The next day we were in a different spot and almost immediately he noticed he had a wood tick. I still had none. By the end of the day he had found another woodtick, and another one on him later when he got home. I still didn't have any ticks on me.

Once again the following day, we were sitting in the hunting blind just feet a part and he found another woodtick on him. It fell off onto the ground and we lost sight. I was a little worried that it would come to me, but once again at the end of the day I had zero ticks. No other bugs either, but in early spring there aren't mosquitoes yet. So I'm not sure yet on how it will handle Wisconsin/Minnesota mosquitoes.

So far, after being out several times in perfect tick breeding grounds, I have yet to find a tick on myself. I'm sold on the product. It lasts for 70 washes, which is really how long a garment will last anyway. I'll give you an update after the flying insects come out.

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