Governor Tim Walz & other MN leaders updated the public during a Friday afternoon press conference. Walz led with opening statements about how the state is preparing for caring for the sick. Multiple MN business are stepping up to help with manufacturing medical supplies and PPE (personal protective equipment.)

There have been 26 new confirmed cases in the state. That makes it 115 cases, age range 17-94 years old. None of the cases yet are in children. They've tested nearly 4,000 people so far. They also say the virus is now community spread. Of those 115 cases, 8 of them have required hospitalization. Most people are recovering at home.

Health officials also asked that if you do not seek treatment if you can manage the symptoms at home. If you experience trouble breathing, of course you should seek medical attention.

Many had speculated that Governor Walz was going to issue a shelter in place order, however he said that it is not required yet. He said they are looking at the data and making the best informed decisions to flatten the curve, but could still use that tool if necessary.  The Governor also signed an order to prevent price gouging in peacetime emergencies in the state with the help of the MN State Attorney General.

The state is going to be implementing child care in schools for children of essential health care workers, emergency workers, and essential food workers. The YMCA is helping with this as well.

As of 8pm last night, there were also over 90,000 applicants for unemployment insurance. Nearly a third of them come from the restaurant industry. Most have never applied for unemployment insurance before. The Governor is also going to be working to move the state income tax deadline to July 15th, to match the federal income tax deadline. He also urged those people who can file a return to get a refund to do so as soon as possible, as they will process them to get a refund sooner.

The Governor also wanted to assure the public that we have some of the best medical professionals that study infectious disease right here in the state, noting that many of the guests on national shows are doctors from Minnesota.

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