We've got an event for you for the first Friday of 2024. A night of Nicholas Cage will be taking place on January 5 in Minnesota.

It all happens at the St. Louis County Depot for "Get Caged In 2." It starts on Friday, January 5h at 5:30 PM.

The Duluth Depot - St. Louis County Heritage and Arts Center in Duluth, MN
Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

Enjoy Three Nicholas Cage Features

The Depot Theater will feature three romantic classics. First off, it will be the hilarious cult classic Raising Arizona.

Next, they will feature the Oscar-winning feature Moonstruck. Cher won an Academy Award for Best Actress. Nicholas Cage was nominated for a Golden Globe too!

The final film of the evening will be the 2007 film Ghostrider.

Come early for waffles!

Superior Waffles will be there at 5 pm in the Depot Theatre Rotunda. There also will be concessions available. Waffles and Nick Cage movies? What could be better?

Trivia + Nicholas Cage Song Contest

Between the movies, there will be Nicholas Cage Trivia to win prizes. A song contest will take place between Moonstruck and Ghost Rider.

Unique Free Event

There's no cost for the event. It's part of the St. Louis County Community Connection.

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You can find The Dept at 530 W Michigan Street in Downtown Duluth, Minnesota. Check out their event page on Facebook for more information and to plan your evening out!

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