Frankie Ballard and his, wife, Christina announced their pregnancy earlier this month. Now, they're shopping baby names.

The country singer already has one picked out if his wife is carrying his first son.

"I’m Frank Robert Ballard IV, so if it’s a boy, Chrissy has agreed (and is thrilled) to name him Frank V. We will have a little cinco!” Ballard tells People.

“If it’s a girl, I’ll be just as thrilled because either way, my heart is going to be bursting at the seams," he adds.

While the couple have settled on the name "Frank V" for a boy, Ballard says they also have a few name options should he be expecting a daughter. They didn't spill those names, however.

"We have a great list of [girl] names, but Chrissy and I haven’t locked eyes yet on the one,” he adds. “We have a couple of classic names that I really like — try to make something timeless happen for this little baby."

Ballard and Christina married in Texas in March of 2017. Baby Ballard will be the first child for both of them. The "Helluva Life" singer will welcome his child in February of 2020.

While he patiently waits for the baby boy or girl to arrive, Ballard is hard at work on his fourth studio album. "I'm trying to build an arsenal," he tells Taste of Country. "So that when we get back with a new product out there it's not just a couple of new songs, it's an arsenal."

Currently there is not a set timeline for new music.

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