A large-scale four-part road construction project is set to get underway in a couple of weeks in Duluth.  Ahead of the project start date, officials with St. Louis County are inviting the general public to an informational meeting on Tuesday, June 7.

The four-part road project will affect drivers along portions of Arrowhead Road, Woodland Avenue, and Snively Road.  In addition, the intersection at Glenwood Street - where a roundabout is planned - will be part of the work zone.

According to officials with St. Louis County, this project was supposed to have already started.  However, a variety of issues - including material supply issues - have delayed the road closures and the work until July.  Current timeline for the project - which will be split into two distinct phases now looks like this (with dates still being approximate):

Stage One:  July 5 through September 30:

  • Road closures will affect drivers on Glenwood Street between Snively Road and a point about 1,000 feet to the east

Stage Two:  August 1 through September 30:

  • Glenwood Street (eastern section) - which is a continuation of the Stage One closure
  • Snively Road between Woodland Avenue and Glenwood Street
  • Jean Duluth Road between Glenwood Street and a point about 1,000 feet north of Glenwood Street
  • Glenwood Street (western section) between Woodbury Lane and Snively Road

Here is a breakdown of what St. Louis County road crews will be completing this summer on this four-part road project:

  • Installation of a roundabout at the intersection of Glenwood Street and Snively Road
  • Mill and overlay of Snively Road between Woodland Avenue and Glenwood Street
  • Mill and overlay of Woodland Avenue between Arrowhead Road and Snively Road with traffic signal replacement
  • Mill and overlay of Arrowhead Road between Dodge Street and Woodland Avenue with traffic signal replacement

Additional information can be found about the projects at two different project pages on the St. Louis County website: one specifically for Woodland/Snively/Arrowhead and one for the Glenwood Roundabout.

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Google Maps
Google Maps

The public meeting scheduled for Tuesday, June 7 will start at 6:00 PM at Lakeview Covenant Church:  1001 Jean Duluth Road.

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