Walking through a fully grown corn field and trying to find the end is fun and all, but maybe this year try something new with Minnesota's hemp maze.

That's right, a giant field of tall hemp plants has been turned into a maze for the public to enjoy, the creators say it "was established to educate and inform the public about the benefits of a vibrant industrial hemp industry in Minnesota."

Hemp Maze Minnesota is located in Southern Minnesota at Willow’s Keep Farm on HWY 52 just south of Zumbrota, it's open until October 30th, and it will cost you $6 per person to enter the hemp maze.

Hemp Maze Minnesota

If you plan on taking the tour, they ask that you wear sturdy closed toe shoes to walk around the farm field, sorry hippies, leave the Birkenstocks in the VW. They also have a gourd walk, hemp hole game, giant bench for photos, a kiddie graveyard, and a gourd sling target range.

They also offer tours of the entire farm on weekends, for $15 you can jump on a golf cart for a tour of their CBD cannabis field, the cloning and seedling hoop house, and you'll get to do the maze.

The hours of the hemp maze are Monday - Friday, 11 AM - 6:30 PM, Saturday, 11 AM - 5 PM, and Sunday from 12 PM - 5 PM. They also have a shop that sells a variety of hemp and CBD products, anything from CBD edibles, hemp made clothes, and an assortment of other gifts and consumable items, the shop is open year round at the farm and online.

Hemp Maze Minnesota

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