We were down at the movie theater the other day and I saw the huge banner on the William A. Irvin that said "Kids Free With Paid Adult." I thought geez, I should bring my daughter. She's never been on a tour of the Irvin and I never get sick of going on the big ship. It just so happens that there is the perfect day to bring your kids to the Irvin, and it's coming up fast.

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Family Fun Day At The Irvin will have some added fun activities. It takes place during regular Irvin tour hours on Wednesday, August 16th. Tours go from 10 am - 5 pm, with the final tour leaving at 4:30.

What's special about the family fun day?

Susie the Seagull will be showing up at different locations on the ship. Kids can look for the balloon animal as part of a fun scavenger hunt. There are also books that are "seek and scavenge" I-Spy books that normally cost $2 for the tour, but they are free for this day. Kids can go along the tour and look for certain things mentioned in the book and even learn some fun stuff about this historic flagship of the Great Lakes.

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Once kids complete the tour they'll also get some cool Irvin paper hats. Our friend Lucie was in today to show us what they look like. Here she is with Susie The Seagull and her Irvin hat!

Ken Hayes
Ken Hayes

There will also be Duluth-themed coloring pages, face painting, and other fun activities. Kids 10 and under are free with paid admission. You can get tickets at the DECC website or at the Irvin.

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