We are coming off a very mild November, but air and water temperatures are dropping.  With that in mind, the Minnesota DNR wants to remind people on canoes, kayaks and fishing boats to to extra precautions.

According to the DNR, 30 percent of boating deaths happen on cold water.  Cold water is extremely dangerous and if you were to run into trouble out on the water this time of year it would not take long for you to suffer hypothermia and cold water shock.

Wearing a life jacket, at all times, while boating will increase chances of survival in cold water.  Don't just have it in the boat, as required, but put it on.

Other tips to avoid boating tragedy include:

  • Don’t boat alone; boating safety increases with numbers.
  • Keep an eye on the sky, head to shore if wind gusts start to pick up.
  • If the boat capsizes or swamps, stay with the boat and try to re-board. Do not attempt to swim to shore.

Click the link below to get more information on staying safe in cold water.

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