Exhibition Drive in Duluth is home to some of the most beautifully decorated homes during the Christmas Season. One of those homes has become an attraction for people driving by to see their light show. 2725 Exhibition Drive is one of the Top 10 Rated Holiday Light Show in Minnesota, and has won many lighting contests in the city since 2012. The light show uses a small FM transmitter on sight to broadcast Christmas music coordinated with the light show. It's really been something fantastic to see, and we've made it a tradition to drive by this house at least once a year.

With Christmas being over, they've changed their song playlist now to feature songs from the movies until December 31st. The songs will be from "Star Wars", "Frozen", "Polar Express", and the finale will be from "The Greatest Showman."

They've offered a sneak peak of the finale on their Facebook page. 

The light show runs from 5:00-10:00PM through December 31st. They recommend you see it in person before it's over, and be sure to give yourself about 17 minutes for the entire show. The Holiday Sound and Light Show has 48 channels of lights all choreographed to the music. The introduction to The Greatest Showman Finale looks pretty fantastic. I know that many kids are going to be really excited for this, along with their parents too. I can say from personal experience that I've heard every song from the Greatest Showman, and Frozen 1 & 2 sung about a million times in my home from my 7 year old. She's going to love this!

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