I work so early in the morning that there are sometimes ZERO options for getting a quick breakfast to go.  So from time to time I try to buy some frozen sandwiches I can keep at work to heat up. 

I've tried the other name brands like Jimmy Dean, etc.  They are pretty good, but can be pricey.  Then, I saw Essential Everyday has started doing their low cost version of breakfast sandwiches.

One of the frustrating things about these frozen sandwiches is trying to heat them up.  First you've got to defrost, then rotate, flip over, defrost some more, heat for 30 seconds, test the temperature, and continue heating for intervals until you get it warm.   Inevitably, you'll get a lava hot sandwich on the outside with a quarter size piece of frozen sausage in the middle.

These Essential Everyday sandwiches actually were pretty simple.  Defrost for 1:30, flip over and heat for an addition minute.   It was thoroughly cooked.

And you know what?  The taste was pretty darn good.  I would say it tastes just as good as any other frozen sandwich, and better than something you'd get at a gas station.

So next time you are looking for a breakfast bargain, it's worth the price.