The Super Bowl is coming on Sunday, February 7, and Essentia Health is helping everyone make healthier snacks for the big game.

Essentia Health says that Super Bowl Sunday is America’s second-largest day for food consumption, surpassed only by Thanksgiving.  Common game time foods include pizza, chicken wings, pretzels, potato chips and dips. Even with smaller gatherings anticipated this year, these foods will be bought or ordered more than ever.

These are all delicious options, however they also just happen to be loaded with saturated fat and sodium.  The fact of the matter is that healthy options aren't as convenient and rarely make the menu.

Essentia Health wants to change that so they are offering a free virtual cooking demonstration to patients and the public on Tuesday, January 26 at 6:00 p.m.

The virtual cooking demonstration will focus on heart-healthy pizza and soup in time for the big game. Recipes shared after the demonstration include Italian pizza, margarita pizza, Italian sausage with ground turkey, pizza sauce, pizza pasta soup, lower-sodium potato chips, hummus dip, lower-sodium nuts and a fruit tray.

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If you, or anyone in your life, are looking to eat healthy due to heart or other issues, or if you just want to learn more about living a heart-healthy lifestyle, then you'll want to attend the demonstration. It’s funded by the Essentia Health Foundation’s Heltne Endowment, which is dedicated to the care of patients with heart failure.

You can click on the button below for all the details and to get registered in advance.

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