The need to see a medical provider can happen during any time of the day and now Essentia Health is providing their patients the opportunity to seek care from home whenever the need arises.

Essentia Health Patients can go to their MyHealth/MyChart account and select the "24/7 On Demand" option.  This will start a video visit on-demand for issues they normally would see a provider at a walk-in clinic about.

This "24/7 On Demand" option should not be used for life-threatening situations or emergencies, where calling "911" would be the best option.

However, some things, such as diagnosing strep throat, can be started via this on-demand video visit to shorten the time the patient spends at the walk-in clinic. It's a great way to seek medical advice and consult with a medical professional to help determine the best course of action.  It also provides patients with the opportunity for more discussion that is generally available with an E-Visit.

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According to Amy Ratajczak, PA, a walk-in provider offering these visits:

COVID-19 has really changed the landscape of health care and we are continually adjusting to ensure we are providing the highest level of care for our patients, when and how they need it. This is yet another way Essentia Health is working to make a healthy difference in the communities we serve.


Services such as this, along with the recent news of Essentia Health moving a COVID-19 testing site to a location at the Miller Hill Mall, are great examples of how our local medical providers are adapting and improving in order to serve the Northland during the pandemic and beyond.

You can follow the link below to get more information on all available patient options at Essentia Health.


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