Essentia Health in Duluth announced they will be closing their Miller Hill Mall COVID-19 testing site so that all testing can be done within their clinics.

The Miller Hill Mall location will officially be closing at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, June 20th. That means that all COVID-19 testing will be done exclusively at their clinic locations beginning on Monday, June 21.

Essentia says that patients who have a pre-procedure COVID-19 test already scheduled for after June 20 at the Miller Hill Mall will be notified that their test location has changed and they will be directed to a clinic. Patients do not need to reschedule themselves.

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Also, the Essentia Health testing site at their Virginia location will follow a similar course in moving to a clinic setting. In Virginia, they will no longer conduct tests in the lower-level parking lot located at 1101 9th St N. Tests will still be conducted at this location, but inside the clinic instead beginning June 21. Patients with a pre-procedure test already scheduled will be notified that their test location has changed.

The change allows Essentia to bring testing and vaccines together in one location, which streamlines the process of providing patient care.

Scheduling a pre-procedure COVID-19 test is required. Symptomatic patients should contact their primary care provider for a test or go to urgent care. Those who have been exposed to COVID-19 or need a test before traveling can schedule a test using the Essentia Health MyChart patient portal.

Essentia Health clinics are open Monday through Friday. Weekend testing will still be offered at their urgent care clinics in downtown Duluth, West Duluth, Superior and Virginia.

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