Folks from the State of Hockey get it - hockey hair, or 'flow' is woven into the fabric of the game. To preach the good word of 'flow'; ESPN their own hockey hair expert, Barry Melrose, to the Minnesota State Hockey Tournament to chronicle the epic nature of the hair game in the game of hockey.

The hockey hair buzz has gone viral in recent years, with the annual all-Hockey Hair team on YouTube. Since the inception of the series, each year's video has been getting more attention across the country. Now ESPN has turned their cameras on the phenomenon.

ESPN released a trailer for the E:60 feature,  affectionately being called "MinneFlowta" earlier this week to get everyone excited about the episode. Featured in the trailer are a number of players from around Minnesota, including a few Hermantown skaters.

The full episode will air on ESPN on Tuesday night (May 10) at 9 pm (Minnesota time).

Watch the ESPN E:60 Hockey Hair 'MinneFlowta' Trailer

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