Eric Church's "Desperate Man" music video has a plot as rich as an action film. Readers can press play above to watch the clip.

In his video for "Desperate Man," which is set in the 1970s, Church is first seen as the getaway driver for a heist of some kind. After he stashes the stolen cash away in a safe, the clip shows Church at home with his wife and daughter, when a mysterious man -- played by Church's "Desperate Man" co-writer, Ray Wylie Hubbard -- shows up and gives him a bag of a mysterious black material in exchange for some of that cash.

At first, it looks as though Church might be involved in some pretty serious stuff -- but soon, viewers find out his mysterious behavior is all about creating vinyl records. Things quickly start to go downhill for the musical fugitive, however: Just before agents from his record label raid his house, Church sends his family on the run and goes into hiding ... but not before he uses the last of that cash to get his product out to the public.

“Excitement for new music from my favorite artists is a feeling I can remember from my formative years. The unknown and the possibilities of the anticipation are one of the true joys of music,” says Church in a press release. “Well, even though how we discover songs from our favorite performers may have evolved, the feeling remains the same.”

Church's "Desperate Man" music video was directed by Reid Long and John Peets. The song is the first single from Church's forthcoming new album, Desperate Man, due out on Oct. 5.

Church spent much of 2017 on the road on his Holdin' My Own Tour. This year, he's been playing festival dates here and there; fans can visit for a list of upcoming dates. "Desperate Man" is available for purchase now.

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