Last week there was a cougar spotted in Dodge Center, Minnesota. Now we have another cougar sighting on the west side of Elk, River MN. A resident captured images of what appears to be a cougar on a security camera at their home. While cougar sightings in Minnesota are very rare, they do happen. If you do spot a cougar, you are to contact a conservation officer.

If you do come in contact with a cougar, you are supposed to be loud and make yourself appear as large as possible. Do not turn and run from it, as they are predator cats and their instincts are to chase prey. Pick up small children and animals from the ground. If they attact you are supposed to fight back aggressively.

That sounds terrifying, but good information to have in case the unthinkable does happen. Don't ever corner a wild animal and make sure they have an exit route away from you.

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