A visit to Milwaukee for an elderly couple from Rhode Island turned into tragedy this past Monday as the husband tried to walk across a drawbridge that began to lift up into the air. Richard Charles Dujardin who was 77 years old and his wife were downtown visiting when they began to walk across the draw bridge.

Apparently, his wife was further ahead of him when the bridge began to rise and he tried to catch up to her but he was not fast enough.  He then tried to grab onto a side rail but he lost his grip and fell 70 feet onto the pavement below.

According to WTMJ: "The ME's report states that the bridge's lights, bells and arms came down at each end before the platform began to rise. But Dujardin was hard of hearing - "it is thought that he didn't notice them," according to the ME."

Unlike the lift bridge in Duluth that has an operator on the bridge this particular bridge, is controlled by the Department of Public Works employees that have two cameras pointed at the bridge. They are required to look at the cameras before lifting up the bridge.

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WTMJ reports: "Interim Commissioner of Public Works Jerrel Kruschke said in a statement that their employee during the incident was "fully trained", in his fourth year as a bridge operator and had opened bridges hundreds of times. That worker is now on leave in connection with the incident."

This is so incredibly sad and a scenario that is so scary and really intimidating for many people who attempt to cross these bridges on foot.  That is why it is so crucial to pay attention to any kind of signs, lights, and gates but unfortunately for this gentleman given the fact he was not familiar with the area or warnings it led to this horrible accident.

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