Gas prices continue to climb and climb.  Will we really hit $4.50 a gallon during the summer!?  Here are some easy ways to save money on gas and feel free to share some of you own.  Hey, we're all in this together.

Fill up when your tank is 3/4 empty. According to, this saves you money because you’re hauling a lighter load—and gives you ample time to take advantage of a bargain if you spot one. But don’t wait until you’re running on fumes to gas up, as this can damage the electric fuel pump.

Buy gas early in the morning. That’s when the ground where gas tanks are stored is cool, maintains The cooler the ground temperature, the more dense the gas, meaning you’ll get what you pay for. (When the mercury soars, gas expands and what is measured as a gallon at the pump is actually slightly less.)

And try to hit the pump midweek. Gas prices will sometimes rise on Thursday, as demand by weekend drivers increases, writes Vera Gibbons at Your best shot at finding the lowest prices is usually at midday on Tuesday or on Wednesday morning.

Choose the right octane level. Check your owner’s manual, but unless you have a high-performance car, you should stick with regular octane gas. As the Federal Trade Commission points out, filling up with high-octane products generally won’t increase anything but your bill at the pump.

Keep your tires maintained. Ensuring they are properly inflated and aligned can increase gas mileage up to 3 percent, claims the FTC.

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